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MIR ZDOROVIA server www.herpes.ru was created in november 1997 by a group of medical enthusiasts. MIR ZDOROVIA means "World of Health".

Today it is a biggest server in Russian reflecting all herpes virus infection problems. The server contains 110 Mb of texts and many pictures on herpes. We have 1500-2000 hosts per day of all ages: GPs, medical specialists and patients from Russia, all CIS countries and Baltic countries.

After HERPES chapter success we started a number of other medical chapters: HERBS, IMMUNITY. Besides we have a CHAPTER OF MEDICAL ABSTRACTS (in various fields of medicine).

We are eager to accept all of your proposals for collaboration on advertisement and promotion of your pharmaceuticals in Russian market. We can publish your scientific papers in Russian and English (free of charge). As for internet - advertisement prices in Russia they are the lowest ones: e.g. 1000 banner shows cost 20 US $ (including taxes).

Herpes.ru offers free Website Translation service for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian and Russian languages. All the text content of Web site will be translated including hyperlinks and picture titles. Also, the original Web site layout is preserved in translated pages and linked pages will be translated automatically when you navigate to them:

The Dating service for the russian people's with herpes:
http://herpes.ru/love/index.php (Russian language only).

In the Russian pharmacy available acyclovir, valtrex & famvir. Actually it is possible to buy without the recipe.
The average prices on the market on this drugs:
Acyclovir (generic) 200 mg 20 tab. - 0.4 US $
Valtrex (GSK) 500 mg 10 tab. - 34 US $
Famvir (Novartis) 250 mg 21 tab. - 175 US $
More than 95% Russian's citizen with genital herpes have not access to special saving program, so Together Rx Access™, GSK patient assistance programs etc. The Medicare Drug Coverage is accessible in hospital only & includes acyclovir (cream, tablets & solution for injections).

International Herpes Week 2003 in Russia.
The 'International Herpes Week 2003' took place in Russia on 09-22 of November, 2003 with support russian assotiation "People & Herpes".
For the herpes patients 120 000 copies of two information leaflets were issued: 'What you must know about herpes' and 'Genital herpes  - an silent epidemic'.
In the Clinical Unit of the Institute of Immunology (Moscow, Russia) the jubilee meeting of Herpes Support Group was held: the Group celebrated one year of effective work. All participants got as a present the popular book 'Genital herpes. What you must know' and self-fixing condoms.
The scientific-practical seminars were provided. According to the agreement with a number of Moscow pharmacies the retail prices for some of anti-herpetic pharmaceuticals were reduced.


Herpes labialis (Cold Sores): http://herpes.ru/her/pat/hl/foto/
Genital Herpes:
Herpes Zoster:
Kaposhi Sarcoma:


Person: Ivan U. Kokotkine (chief editor)
E-mail: boss@herpes.ru
Phone: +00 7 (985) 998 50 11
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